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Transfer & Cruise to Samos Island / Ask for a Custom Cruise

Apart from the proposed excursions you can make your own trip where you want and as you want, the cost being formed upon request.

Spend your days sailing through the island of Samos. Uncover heavenly, untouched islands, swim in crystal-clear waters, snorkel over stunning reefs and spend days soaking up the chilled out vibe of irresistible Aegean Sea. Find out why this vivacious country, so blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of cultural delights, is one of our favorite destinations.


Luxury Boat Services is a yacht rental
company based in Samos Island.
Discover beautiful beaches that are
only accessible by boat and make your
summer vacation be unforgettable.


For all your enquiries, suggestions, questions or comments contact us. Your opinion matters.

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